Power System Protection e-mail discussion list

This is an e-mail group (hosted by Yahoo) for the discussion of electrical engineering protection and analysis of power systems.  To subscribe, put your e-mail address in the box at the bottom of this page and click the big purple "Join Now" button.

Topics included will be all protection topics, engineering design, application of new technologies and the analysis of existing power system components and protection. The discussions should be limited to only electrical engineering protection and analysis as applied to transmission, distribution and generation systems.

Topics of interest will include (not limited to):

- general relaying protection philosophies
- symmetrical component analysis
- protection as applied to all power system devices
- new protection methods applied to existing devices
- new and old protection methods applied to new technology devices
- post-fault analysis (including failure mode analysis) of relaying
- oscillography (all forms)
- pilot relaying protection
- system dynamics (long term and transient etc.)
- computer applications to protection system analysis and design

This group is being proposed to create a moderated forum dedicated to the engineering discussion of electric power system protection. Power system protection has been viewed as an art form by many. The technical skills and knowledge associated with a successful power system protection engineer are typically gained over a lifetime dedicated to the field.

The e-mail sent by the listserver will have the text "[power_system_protection]" in the subject line for ease of organization by e-mail rules.  You can also edit your free Yahoo profile so you get no e-mail, and only read them at the website when you feel like it. 

The profile options for group participation include: 1) Receive each individual e-mail posted, 2) Only receive a daily digest summary, or 3) Receive no e-mail at all.

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