Russ' Mathcad examples (developed in version 2001i)


File description

 Example of calculating the discrete (digital) fourier transform on one cycle of


 a waveform by formula.  Here is similar analysis done in Excel using Analysis Toolpak.  Here is similar code for doing dft in VB.

 Applying the dft in a "sliding window" along a waveform greater than one cycle


 in length.

 Applying the sliding window dft to an actual waveform captured by a micro-


 -processor protective relay during the energization of a 1300MVA, 500kV


 power transformer bank.  The waveform is b-phase current as measured from


 the 500kV side (bank energized from 500kV side).  The worksheet reads


 the waveform in from a COMTRADE data file.  Bank is Yn-y-d connected.

 Example of calculating the root-mean-square (RMS) value of one cycle of a


 waveform by formula.

 Applying the rms calculation in a sliding window along a waveform greater


 than one cycle in length.

 Applying the sliding window rms calculation to the actual waveform described


 above in the "" description.

 The discrete convolution of two number sequences.  Here is an animation


 of the convolution, discrete_convolution.avi

 Zip file with the *.MCD files used to create above described web presentations.